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Direct Support Professionals Week

Presentation1In countless ways, Direct Support Professionals assist millions of people with disabilities across the nation to lead lives of purpose.  Let’s celebrate the DSP Week and the tremendous difference they make each day in the millions of Canadians.

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Welcome to our team !

Dear Ven and Jessica,

We are very happy to welcome Ven and Jessica to our Management team at Visions of Independence Winnipeg. We feel proud to be surrounded with such professionals, hardworking and excellent time to our organization. Visions team wish you both all the best for your work and endeavours.



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Remember the first time you rode a Bicycle?

Remember the first time you rode your very own bike? The freedom, the wind in your hair, and the excitement of exploring?  Many of the people we support have never experienced the thrill, exhilaration, and simple joy of riding a bike.  Bicycles are excellent for mobility, therapy, recreation, fun, and freedom! Help us raise money towards the purchase of custom bicycles. Our hope is to provide at least one in Winnipeg and one in Portage this year with the proceeds earned from the MB Marathon Fundraiser.

bike 2

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MB Marathon Fundraiser

So by now all staff should be aware that we are participating in the MB Marathon on June 16th.  We have a call out to all staff for volunteers for our committee, runners, teams, pre-race expo and race day.  We need volunteers at all levels and for all types of jobs :)   Please click the link below to sign up or give Simone or Tiffany a call in Wpg and let us know what and when you can contribute.

We currently have 6 runners registered so please feel free to get some healthy competition going for donations for either of those individuals at for Shannon Sterritt for Lorne Harley for Glen Jones for Akon Onuk for Stephanie Sheppard for Whitney Schroeder

or you can donate directly to VOI at

All donations stay within VOI and can go towards anything we can think of to assist and support Individuals.  Do you have a request for one of the Individuals you currently support?  Is there something you would like to see the money raised go towards?  Please let us know, give a call, send an email, drop in at the next Marathon meeting on Thursday, April 18 @ 7pm.  Bring yourself, your spouse, your friends ~ all and any are welcome to attend and volunteer :)   We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Please share these links on facebook, twitter or any other social media you can think of, we are creating awareness and raising funds for Individuals to live independent lives within community homes.  This is what we do, and it is important :)

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Empty Houses needing People

Read the article published by CBC on March 25th about houses sitting empty due to new building code amendments.

This is the link to the podcast that Jen had with CBC’s Carol Off talking about the building code situation. If you are interested download the mp3 file and listen to it on your computer. Her segment starts about 28 min 30 seconds into the program; it goes for about 5 minutes.

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Day Program Grant

VOI is excited to announce we have received a grant from the Community Services Council to put towards our new day program in Winnipeg.  The $10,000 grant will be used for items to furnish our life skills and employment skills programs.  Thank you MCSC!!

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Annual General Meeting

Download the PDF here: AGM Invite

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We’ve moved!

Our Winnipeg offices have moved!  Our new location is at 211-530 Century Street.  We needed more space to accomodate our new day program that opened in the summer of 2012.

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